MENUCLOUD is All-in-One digital solution for restaurants.

MENUCLOUD is a creation of Prompt Technology.
It offers proper solutions for any tablet and smartphone using iOS and Android.

MenuCloud is a Cloud-based solution, and you can use it anytime and anywhere.
All solutions and services that MenuCloud offers are connected each other,
so that you can run your business in an effective and efficient way.
All the solutions that MenuCloud offers including mcPad, mcBoard, and mcOrder
will give you a new form of experience you have never had.

Why Use Menucloud

MenuCloud is a Cloud-based solution, and you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Easy to use

Intuitive user interface is designed for every one to be able to easily utilize innovative functions provided by MenuCloud. Menu update and edits are done easily through Web, and updates are reflected right away on tablet menus such as Ipads.

New & unprecedented dining experiences

MenuCloud provides not only fun and intrinsic services but also gives you an opportunity to share fine dining experiences. Paper-based menus are not able to provide detailed information on appetizers, main dishes, and desserts as well as wine and spirits, but now with our digital menu, high-quality pictures with detailed description of the menu resolves awkwardness of the dish ordering and make you focus on the real value of the dish and restaurant.

SNS Marketing

Using MenuCloud app in personal smartphones or tablets, customers can easily evaluate and make reviews of certain menus or restaurants on various SNS media, such as Facebook. You can also build reputation of your restaurant by offering unique marketing events on SNS. Menus or restaurants recommended by people close to you give you more trust and marketing effect rather than using typical ads.

Service cost down

Making new menus, call for service, taking orders, make payments, all procedures can be completed at once in MenuCloud service. This new process improves the quality of service and reduces the burden of personnel expenses, which improves the image, trust, and brand awareness of your restaurant.

Our Service

Here is the digital solution service that Prompt Technology offers.
  • Hook up your TVs & Monitors to a set-top box to implement digital MenuBoards at a reasonable cost
  • Customized installations readily available for 20”~50”-sized MenuBoards
  • Provide customized contents according to the types of businesses(restaurants, Bar, Cafés, Bakeries)
  • Real-time reflections on menu revision, reshuffle, brand-new menu releases and Promotions
  • Today's Menu offering real-time reflection on daily menu with simple setting
  • Optimized direct advertisement by displaying dish prices and images at table side
  • Bright and high-resolution images performing luxury and neat style of your restaurant
  • Tempting menus from MenuBoard Images increase appetites of customers